Horrible Traffic Jam in Lahore because of PSL, Pakistan Super League, Waseem Abbas Official

Worst traffic condition in Lahore because of PSL schedule and psl matches. There are no proper diversion plans, traffic wardens are not available and people don’t know what to do in that situation. This problem is happening in every season of PSL League and still there is not a single solution adopted by the government. I don’t know why teams have to stay in the PC Mall Road while they can also stay at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. HBL psl is causing a lot of trouble especially for the people of Gulberg because of road closure at many locations.

Pakistan Super League is the biggest league in the world. We support our brand but we also want the government to take necessary actions to avoid traffic problems during the matches of PSL. The government can build a 5 star or seven star hotel near Gaddafi Stadium so that will be great because teams don’t need to travel from Mall Road to Gulberg, they can simply go to the stadium in just 2 minutes. This will minimize the cost and security concerns. For God sake, take necessary actions during the PSL matches and adopt proper division plans so people don’t have to wait in the traffic lines for hours.

A complete mechanism should be created during the Pakistan super league matches to avoid traffic disturbance. We love our PSL brand and we are very hopeful that things will be good very soon. Inshallah