People of Pakistan are Suffering because of Extreme Inflation, Waseem Abbas Official

Nowadays, because of inflation our people are suffering a lot in Pakistan. The government is imposing taxes on a daily basis and the dollar rate is getting higher day by day. Because of the increase in petrol prices the situation is even more ridiculous. Salaries are not increasing as compared to the market inflation.

Poverty is increasing day by day and they don’t know what to do. Poor one’s are getting more poor and rich ones are getting much richer as per the government policies. This should be advised in a proper manner otherwise things will be very difficult for a poor family or people with lesser salaries. Minimum wage for a normal person should be at least 30,000 rupees so a person can manage his or her house without any hassle.

Just because of the 1.5 million dollar from IMF we are even increasing taxes on a daily basis. Government should take necessary actions so this can be addressed in a proper manner.