Why we should close Universities & Colleges in Pakistan, Jobless Students, Waseem Abbas Official

After graduation thousands of students are still jobless because universities and colleges are unable to deliver as per the expectations of students. Universities in Pakistan, they just know how to collect a lot of fees but they don’t know how to provide results oriented practical education to the students.

After 16 years of education, our students still feel jobless & consider themselves fresh because they are not able to work in the market. So once they don’t receive the proper response from the market after graduation, they start working at the call centers for just 30,000 to 40,000 rupees per month. There should be a complete mechanism where universities and colleges can update their curriculum as for the market standards so the students can get along with the jobs.

Until we change the curriculum of our universities and colleges, we just can’t make this happen because this needs a collective collaboration. I hope our education sector is going to bring a lot of new things in universities and colleges curriculum for the betterment of Pakistan. So be careful when you apply to a university or college, because the end result should be a practical job not just a piece of paper that we call a degree.